Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a blessed time we've had this Christmas. The snow delayed the arrival of all my children but they made it safely home. R's flight was rescheduled for Christmas Day and C didn't drive in til Christmas morning. B was on the road at least 8 hours Thursday. But they all have until Wednesday so we're sooo enjoying these days. We've had wonderful food, enjoyed some games, visited with other family, worshipped together, watched movies, heard about R's trip to China, and have plans to see Aubrey play basketball, see Casey video Granddaddy recounting his War experiences, maybe seeing a movie in Abilene, and visiting with each other more before all return to their work and lives away from our home. God is so good to us all. His love is overwhelming.
Wasn't the snow beautiful? I heard one weatherman say this was the fist time he announced a blizzard warning. B said that a blizzard was when you had to tie yourself around the waist with a rope in order to walk to the barn to feed the animals or to force them to run around the lot during the night to prevent them from freezing to death. least according to Little House On The Prairie. I don't know about that, but it was cold and the snow was blowing.
The snow did reduce the number of the extended family at our annual Christmas Tree but some of us did gather and visit.
I may very well live in this house the rest of my life. Then again, I may not. We have loved living here. We did most of the remodeling ourselves and there are probably pieces of Brian's skin hanging in the walls of this house. It was hard but rewarding. We learned a lot in the process. The thought of a possible move intensified the pleasure of being together again with our children who grew up in this house. I decided to get out all my Christmas decorations and I never enjoyed a holiday more than this one. So, I took lots of pictures. These may interest no one else but I wanted to have a record of this happy home and this happy time. It is also a safety precaution t keep pictures on a site such as Picasa. You may view some pictures of our extended family celebration as well as my own family activities at the Picasa Web Album site. I pray that your days are joyful. I pray that we all will draw near to our Saviour this new year. He is able. These difficult times are no surprise to Him and He will meet all needs. Our greatest need is to experience and share His love with a hurting world. God bless you with His purpose in 2010. Love, Jennifer.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9th

This is a December that will be remembered for many reasons. While it has already been festive, the house is decorated for celebrating, and candles named "Home For Christmas" or "Heart at Home" fill the air with rich fragrance, there is also a tinge of sadness lingering. I've been packing my folk's belongings, readying them to be moved into one of our apartments next door. I've gone through drawers that contain momentos from my childhood, a box holding my dad's WWII "dog" tags, special dishes my Grandmother had, baby dresses my mother made for her two very loved girls, and many other objects evoking visions of my wonderful life with my parents. I am so blessed to still have them. Daddy is nearly 86 and Mama is 84. He is nearly totally deaf and seems to be getting more feeble. She is legally blind and crippled from a broken hip. They want to help with the packing but can't. They sit and watch as we disassemble their home. Once as I was in the other room, I heard my mother beginning to sob. Daddy slowly stood up from his chair, bent down to hug her and said, "Everything will be alright." They were active for so long, slowed some when each had a leg broken in a car wreck about 9 years ago. But they've been most independent. And they've been devoted parents and grandparents to my sister and myself and our families. It is an emotional time, probably the most challenging season of their lives.
Looking ahead, I believe it will be a good move. I will be just out the door and down a sidewalk. We will have an intercom or some system for communicating easily. I look forward to having meals with them and having them come down to watch a movie or visit. It's not as though they've been a great distance from me but this will be very close. I pray that the days we have will be very happy with laugher and good times together. They have given us so much love and I am thankful we are able to make this time as enjoyable and happy as it can be.
When we get their things moved into their apartment, I will post pictures.