Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Wedding

Last November we began to hear about Tyler Shaw from Arkansas and now he is our son in law. Bree and Tyler met in class at UT Southwestern where He is is in the Physician Assistant program and she, the Physical Therapist. They married May 7th in Haskell at the First United Methodist Church where Brian was music minister when Bree was born. Brian walked her down the aisle, gave her away while Casey presided, and then performed the ceremony. Bree and Tyler had prepared the words they wanted to use in vowing their love and lives to one another.
Friends and relatives honored them with a shower April 10th at the Bevers House and then in Greenwood, Arkansas May 14th. May 21st, Tyler's parents held a reception in Dallas, mainly for the classmates and friends who couldn't come to Haskell. We do not have the photos from the photographer yet but have some taken my ameatures. I have posted these in a Picasa album and will add the professional ones when I get them.
Tyler's 4th semester began on May 16th and Bree's begins tomorrow, the 23rd. They will graduate December, 2012. They are giddy and giggly. Each of their families is blessed to see them so happy.