Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brian and I enjoyed spending time with his sister, Linda, and brother, Jonathan, and families Saturday in Dallas. Linda and Elias are with the Southern Baptists and live in London so we don't get to see them often. Casey spent the first semester of his freshman year with them when they lived on the island of Cypress. And Bree lived with them in London after she graduated from A&M and wanted to travel before working for ADM.
Their sons now live in Dallas so our Casey and Bree get to socialize with these cousins. Nathan (same age as Casey) works for Southwest Airlines and I don't know the title but he is a computer person. He is dating Lauren. Michael (same age as Bree) is a mechanical engineer and married another Lauren in the summer of '07. He recently returned from a year in Iraq. Brian's brother and his wife, Jonathan and Robin, live in Ballinger where Jonathan teaches school and Robin is the Runnels County Tax Accessor Collector. Their new granddaughter, Harlee, entertained us all. She is only 4 months old so she didn't have to try very hard to get lots of attention. She is beautiful. Her mother, Samantha, is a coach and teacher in Hermleigh. We missed Ryan who arrived back in the good ole USA that afternoon and Zach, son of Jonathan andRobin, who had previous social plans. We visited and enjoyed dinner together. Brian attended a weekend conference at Southwestern Seminary and joined us later on Saturday evening. I
posted pictures in the Picasa Album.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Sister and New Pups

My sister, Kim's place seems to be the spot to dump your unwanted dogs. At least, that is where lots of dogs seems to be found. Presently, they have Sadie, a yellow lab, Jake and Little Dog who are close to rat terriers, and Zip, a rat terrier who is 14 years old. (Zip recently underwent surgery for a huuuuuuge tumor on her side. She is much happier.) For a while, there was a male yellow lab, named Mojo. In their new home, Sadie and Mojo united in marriage as well as Little Dog and Jake, even though Kim used fences and walls and reasoning conversations to try to prevent these weddings. Of course, the baby carriage came next. They will need a 20 seated one. October 19th, Sadie gave birth to 15 yellow labs. October 20th, many hours later, she surprised them with #16. All but one survived. This happy event followed the birth of 5 new rat terriers to the other happy couple. The labs have their own little rock house and the terriers have a section of the yard and a "hut" house. I am having to buy more storage space at Picasa and will upload more pictures of the babies, but here are a couple.

Cash, Kim, Loyd, Floe, Fluff, Floyd, Dena, Lola, Dempsey, Leader, Zena, Sash, Rascal,Smiley, Big 'un,
This was taken on Tuesday before hte next morning's discovery of #16,whose name is Miracle

Cris with the terrier runt

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Day

Hi, Hope you are having a very good October. Today, Bree and her friend, Ellen came in. Bree's bikes were still here and they each needed one so they drove 3 1/2 hours to get them. And to eat lunch with us. It was a nice day. As I sat down at the computer tonight, I saw the same thing I do every time I sit here very long... these three spoiled babies. So, I took their picture.
I am not really one of those serious dog lovers. Really, I am not. I have never had a dog in the house till now. I wanted a dog a few years ago and found Elliott advertised from his home in OK. Casey met the owner and brought him home for me one Thanksgiving. He was suppose to be my dog. But, he loved Brian the most from the beginning. He is so attached to Brian. Then, I agreed to take the second Maltese, Georgie, the smallest yet one year older dog. He came to us with some serious issues. He had not been cuddled much and spent lots of time in his crate. When he first came, he licked his crate continually. He could not handle it if anyone touched his crate. It was his whole life. He has opened up and now he really loves me. He isn't sweet in anyone's eyes except mine because he yaps at them. My sister found the black mut/chihuahua on the highway and was unable to locate the owner. She brought her to Bree and she immediately loved Bree. Bree was in the office working for Brian when Kim brought the dog by and Bree took walked down to her apartment with her, opened the door, and Gypsy ran in and immediately up to the very top of the back of the couch. So, we knew she knew her way around the house and was probably used to being in charge. When Bree moved to the city and her schedule was such that she is never home, that would be miserable for Gypsy. So, of course, she is here now. And there isn't a sweeter dog anywhere. She is a perfect, loving companion. And she gets along well with Elliott. But, she does shed and that means I am cleaning the floors all day. I have a sheet on a chair and she does her resting on that sheet. I really wished I knew some elderly lady who would love a little black dog. But I don't. So there 'ya go... our three dogs.
I forgot toe tell you what I did... Bree told me that she had told Ellen that we would be so excited that they were coming! Bree told her that we love parades and that we would probably have a parade in honor of them coming to town. She, when I knew they were to be arriving , I went outside of town and stuck some American flags into the wet ground and I held up a sign that read "Welcome Ellen!" and I waved several flags also. Kim was suppose to get there to blow her siren but she was a little late.
Anyway, we did surprise Bree's guest who grew up in Chicago and enjoyed coming to Haskell.