Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brian and I enjoyed spending time with his sister, Linda, and brother, Jonathan, and families Saturday in Dallas. Linda and Elias are with the Southern Baptists and live in London so we don't get to see them often. Casey spent the first semester of his freshman year with them when they lived on the island of Cypress. And Bree lived with them in London after she graduated from A&M and wanted to travel before working for ADM.
Their sons now live in Dallas so our Casey and Bree get to socialize with these cousins. Nathan (same age as Casey) works for Southwest Airlines and I don't know the title but he is a computer person. He is dating Lauren. Michael (same age as Bree) is a mechanical engineer and married another Lauren in the summer of '07. He recently returned from a year in Iraq. Brian's brother and his wife, Jonathan and Robin, live in Ballinger where Jonathan teaches school and Robin is the Runnels County Tax Accessor Collector. Their new granddaughter, Harlee, entertained us all. She is only 4 months old so she didn't have to try very hard to get lots of attention. She is beautiful. Her mother, Samantha, is a coach and teacher in Hermleigh. We missed Ryan who arrived back in the good ole USA that afternoon and Zach, son of Jonathan andRobin, who had previous social plans. We visited and enjoyed dinner together. Brian attended a weekend conference at Southwestern Seminary and joined us later on Saturday evening. I
posted pictures in the Picasa Album.


wilma said...

sounds like our weekend with family. It is always good to get together. Hope everyone is doing well. Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday.

FancyHorse said...

Family time is always good!