Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Sister and New Pups

My sister, Kim's place seems to be the spot to dump your unwanted dogs. At least, that is where lots of dogs seems to be found. Presently, they have Sadie, a yellow lab, Jake and Little Dog who are close to rat terriers, and Zip, a rat terrier who is 14 years old. (Zip recently underwent surgery for a huuuuuuge tumor on her side. She is much happier.) For a while, there was a male yellow lab, named Mojo. In their new home, Sadie and Mojo united in marriage as well as Little Dog and Jake, even though Kim used fences and walls and reasoning conversations to try to prevent these weddings. Of course, the baby carriage came next. They will need a 20 seated one. October 19th, Sadie gave birth to 15 yellow labs. October 20th, many hours later, she surprised them with #16. All but one survived. This happy event followed the birth of 5 new rat terriers to the other happy couple. The labs have their own little rock house and the terriers have a section of the yard and a "hut" house. I am having to buy more storage space at Picasa and will upload more pictures of the babies, but here are a couple.

Cash, Kim, Loyd, Floe, Fluff, Floyd, Dena, Lola, Dempsey, Leader, Zena, Sash, Rascal,Smiley, Big 'un,
This was taken on Tuesday before hte next morning's discovery of #16,whose name is Miracle

Cris with the terrier runt


FancyHorse said...

Oh, my! They're as cute as they can be, but so many!!! How are your sister and her family going to keep them straight? I hope the mothers are able to feed them all.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Wow what a litter!!!! Simply adorable little tykes. The one with Cris look slike a beanie baby. : D That's quite a houseful that should provide some funny photos soon.

Ruth MacC said...

They are so tiny!!! We had to give up our dog. Thankfully the pound found a new home for him within 2 days. We miss him but the house is a lot more peaceful these days:o)