Monday, June 29, 2009

Independence Day Parade

Sunday was a busy but special day for us. We had our regular services at FBC Peacock, lunch with friends, then the monthly service we conduct at the rest home, the Annual Fourth of July Parade, the Patriotic Prayer and Praise Service, and finally the fellowship meal and watermelon feast. Our morning message dealt with the State of the Union, featuring power point visuals of some of our country's founders and special moments as well as today's situations. It was a call to remember where we started as a nation, our foundation, as well as how far from that we've come and the need to return to the original commitment of the founders. The parade is not a display of expensively decorated floats or costumes. It's a neighborhood gathering of American citizens of the Stonewall County flavor who have decorated their lawn tractors, golf carts, pickups, bikes or any other means of transportation they choose, and a march down the street from one church to another. The lead vehicle is Brian with his loud sound system and the last is George with his loud sound system. We all enjoy the beautiful patriotic music as it bounces off the houses.

I wore an Uncle Sam costume and rode our Rhoades Car, a two seated buggy style bicycle and invited my friend, Debra, to join me. I'll post a picture of two of the day. I love patriotism because I believe that the God of the Universe was active in the founding of this country.

I got a little confused about what time it actually was and dressed for the parade a little early. Brian said I should just wear that to the rest home, so the first picture is me playing the piano at the rest home service, ready for the parade.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Party For Special Friend

This morning, it was my pleasure to invite a special young friend, her mom (my forever friend), and another forever friend for a brunch in my back yard in what we call the Rabbit Deck since we once housed rabbits beneath this roof. Kristi has finished the first two years of Med school and is home for a vacation before she begins rotations in hospitals. She'll be putting all that book knowledge into practice. She also has a masters degree in epidemiology from Texas A&M. I wanted to get together for a visit before she left and let her know how proud we are of her. I tried some new recipes, brought out the blue willow, white table cloths, gossamer, twinkly lights, and cut flowers from the garden. We sprayed Listerine around the edge of the roof and we weren't bothered by the mosquitos. Have you ever heard of that approach? Well, either it was too hot for them to attend the party or the Listerine worked. Though we started at 9:00 this morning, it was still very hot, even with the fans blowing. I probably won't prepare a few of those recipes again (One involved putting sardines, mustard, and several other ingredients in the blender...) but I like to give them a try. I love these ladies and am so thankful God put them in my life! Here a few pictures and if you want more, click on the Icon for Picasa Web Albums in the left column.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23, 2009

I am sending you these flowers today, bouquets I gathered for the tables at Cornerstone & Company.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Peacock Family Theatre

Brian has been the Pastor at First Baptist Church, Peacock Texas since March of 2003. We feel honored and so blessed to be with these people. Like so many West Texas towns, there isn't much left at Peacock. Years ago, there were several churches, grocery stores, gas stations, dry good stores, a bank and school. Only a a few store fronts stand, reminding people of those days. The only Church building left is ours. It is constructed of rocks from the area, has the familiar steps up to the sanctuary, and a basement where we have Sunday School rooms and a fellowship hall. And the people are generous, friendly, and love God's Word. After worship services, most linger outside, sitting on the steps or leaning on the half walls, visiting, in no hurry to part.

There aren't many people living in "Peacock proper." But there are a few families we wish we could interest in coming to our services. We have been visiting and praying they will have a desire to be a part of our fellowship. Last night, we had our first Peacock Family Theatre. We had a good turn out, though these unchurched folks didn't come this time. We watched Evan Almighty which has a good overall message of family priorities. If you haven't seen it, you might enjoy renting it. God tells Evan Baxter to build an ark. He obeys this seemingly ridiculous instruction. God made the statement to Evan, "What I do, I do because I love you." I don't know if the writer or producer realized how much truth is in the movie. It isn't a perfect sermon, but it was very good for our first Peacock Family Theater.

We enjoyed hot dogs and desserts before the movie and I forgot to take pictures. Here are a couple I took as people began coming upstairs for the movie. I hope you worshiped this weekend and enjoyed the fellowship in God's Spirit with fellow believers. We need each other so and won't these relationships become more vital in the days ahead?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Saturday

Recently when I told someone how long I had worked in the yard, she said, "How in the world could it take you that long? Your yard is so small." So, I am explaining how the yard thing works. We bought our home in 1980. Several years later, we bought the apartments beside our house and Brian remodeled one apartment for his insurance office. It has been very convenient because he walked out the door only a matter of yards to work every day. You can see how close it was in this picture taken in the back yard of the apartments. The back door of the house is just inside the porch. The door to his office is the one you see at the end of the brick walk.

This picture is taken from the other end of the apartments.

In between is a lot of yard that I keep. I have enjoyed it most of the time.

Here is the largest section of grass which I mow and edge.

I've posted pictures of the yard in the Picasa Web Album. (Click on the figurine at the top of the right column.)

Just now, (Fri) Brian took a break from reading and we sat outside and enjoyed the cool of the evening. We watched many of the humming birds and moths flying from flower to flower getting their nourishment. Have you ever read how remarkable God created the hummingbird? Since I live with an encyclopedia on certain topics, he recited to me how the little bird works. I was able to get one good picture of something out of many tries. They are so fast and I needed to set my camera differently to catch him. I am not really sure what this one is but probably a moth. It was amongst the hummingbirds and I was trying to get a picture of them. But this fella' moved fast like a hummingbird.

And here is a picture of my back yard behind my house. There is no grass. There is still work involved but if this was all I took care of, her question would make sense. The tin roof used to be where we kept Bree's rabbits. We removed all the cages and added the wooden floor and a fan. The large "box" inside is Brian's recreation of the Ark of the Covenant to be used at Church. And you can see Millie resting in the ground cover on the right side.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday. I hope God blesses you through His Word as you open it. I hope your heart opens to someone who needs to hear how He has showered His love on you and wants to bless them also. I am still reading Concentric Circles of Concern and expect practice of these concepts to revive and bless my spirit of evangelism.

Donna's Birthday

"A Friend loveth at all times, and a brother (sister) is born for adversity."
If you have friends like these I've been blessed with, you can amen this verse from Proverbs 17:17. We each have a child the same age. These 5 children were in the nursery together at FBC, grade school, high school, and college at Texas A&M. They are still very good friends today. And so are their moms.
We've been through so much hand in hand. Everything from split ends to a split church. And lots of wonderful events in between. We know what to appreciate and what to over look in each other.
We enjoyed breakfast and lots of visiting in celebration of Donna's ??th birthday, which was on Flag Day but was celebrated yesterday at Professional Pampering. Phyllis worked with Donna's muscles and I got in on that, too. We laughed. We talked about these children. We talked about politics, our husbands, our churches, our aches, our plans, and the present situations we need covered in prayer. And we are comforted to think that we will be together in Eternity talking and laughing and serving our Saviour.
Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday June18, 2009

It is a beautiful morning, a slight "cold" front moving through. Brian and I sit outside and read in the mornings. I would like to share from the book I am reading, Concentric Circles of Concern.

"He who has My commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves Me; and he who loves me shall be loved by My Father, and I will love him, and will disclose Myself to him" John 14:21).
If you agree with what God has told you about what He wants you to do and you obey it, Gad has said he will disclose or make himself conspicuous or real in your life. When Jesus reveals his will for your life and you obey him, he becomes conspicuous. He becomes real.
The times in my life when Jesus has been the most real have been those times when I have, out of sheer obedience, said, "Father, I do not know how, why, or what, but I will obey you."

The author, W. Oscar Thompson Jr was able to describe how Jesus has become so real to me when in similar circumstances, when all I could do was respond in the way scripture directed. Specifically, it has often been, give thanks, praise, trust. And Jesus becomes so sweet, so conspicuous, as he says. The book is very good, teaching how to let Jesus become conspicuous in our lives to those in the circles God has placed us in.

I have not been blogging and have considered letting it go. It's a time dilemma. There are so many things to be doing that I don't have time to sit and write about it. So, I think I may try to "journal" here, just to record parts of my days.

Today, I attend a birthday party for a friend. (much older, of course) I'll journal about that tomorrow. The Squash Cook Off at Rule is today at lunch time and I've never been. It would be fun to see the Rule folks. This afternoon, I may shop. Brian wants something to darken our bedroom windows so we can sleep a little later. I am more caught up than usual in the yard and the house but there is still plenty to do. We've had so much change lately that I am still recovering. It is a wonderful day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Millie is Quite Relaxed

It became dark and suddenly the bottom dropped out. We had a fast and hard rainfall for a while this afternoon. Millie, who is not allowed inside except at night and then only into the utility room, shot through the door when Brian came in. She ran into the study and jumped up into this chair. My folks had this chair when I was 15 I'm sure, not sure how long before that but a number of years. I let her stay and eventually, she covered hoer eyes and had a nice nap, not at all worried about the loud thunder and the heavy rain.

"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid..."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When I go to bed, I think of many things I want to see completed: several pieces of furniture need the old varnish removed and new stain, some pieces I purchased with the intention of painting roses on or learning faux techniques, weeds removed from flower beds, flowers transplanted to new locations, make new slip covers for outdoor chairs, one of our apartments needs to be updated for possibility of my parents living in and I'll help with some of that, and gathering and preparing items for a yard sale. These are just a few of the things that need my attention today. There are books I would like to read. I would like to work on one of the quilts I have started - or one of the samplers. I need to help my folks out with meals and I do spend time with them every day. My daughter moved out of one of our apartments and left her things here for the summer. She took care of most of it but I would like to rearrange some of the things she stored in her old bedroom.

When I get up, I pray, Lord use me today to do what you want done. Show me. I want to serve you. I know there are lots of elderly people in my town who would appreciate a visit. People I have known for years. I believe that it is my privilege to be a Godly wife to Mr Wonderful, so show me Lord how to do that this day.

While it is not possible to get all these projects completed today, I can make some progress on one of them. And I can "do whatever I do as unto the Lord." I just want my eyes open to act of kindness and ways I can serve others today. I know that I may not always have a great word of wisdom for the people I come into contact with. I may not have the answer they need for whatever is on their plate today. But I think I have the option to make them feel a certain way and for today, I believe that is what God wants me to be aware of in my relationships with family, friends, and anyone I come in contact with. My words and actions make people "feel" something. They can feel acceptance or they can feel like they are being judged. They can feel loved or they can feel like they are insignificant. They can feel like I appreciate them or like I believe they are incapable. I believe every thought or action between myself and the people I see today has an emotion attached to it and I am in control of the intention behind my words and actions.

So, I may not complete all the tasks and I may not get to enjoy the "crafty" projects I've planned, but I can let the Lord create in me a clean heart through His Word so that encouraging words and actions can bring life to those I am around. That is the most important project for the day - His work of creation in my heart.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pink Saturday

I was on my way to bed and realized I had not posted for Pink Saturday. I think this will be my last Pink Saturday for a time. I have many projects and my parents are needing more of my time. And I seem to need more time for reading and studying, time to be quiet and "know He is God." I will look at your posts when I have a moment though.

My first picture is a bowl that was in my grandmother's "nice" set of dishes.

I love the little roses. I Must have inherited my love of pink from several folks.

I drew and stitched this "sampler" around 30 years ago.

This little bookmark was a gift.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Visit HowSweetTheSound for more pinks!!