Monday, June 29, 2009

Independence Day Parade

Sunday was a busy but special day for us. We had our regular services at FBC Peacock, lunch with friends, then the monthly service we conduct at the rest home, the Annual Fourth of July Parade, the Patriotic Prayer and Praise Service, and finally the fellowship meal and watermelon feast. Our morning message dealt with the State of the Union, featuring power point visuals of some of our country's founders and special moments as well as today's situations. It was a call to remember where we started as a nation, our foundation, as well as how far from that we've come and the need to return to the original commitment of the founders. The parade is not a display of expensively decorated floats or costumes. It's a neighborhood gathering of American citizens of the Stonewall County flavor who have decorated their lawn tractors, golf carts, pickups, bikes or any other means of transportation they choose, and a march down the street from one church to another. The lead vehicle is Brian with his loud sound system and the last is George with his loud sound system. We all enjoy the beautiful patriotic music as it bounces off the houses.

I wore an Uncle Sam costume and rode our Rhoades Car, a two seated buggy style bicycle and invited my friend, Debra, to join me. I'll post a picture of two of the day. I love patriotism because I believe that the God of the Universe was active in the founding of this country.

I got a little confused about what time it actually was and dressed for the parade a little early. Brian said I should just wear that to the rest home, so the first picture is me playing the piano at the rest home service, ready for the parade.

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Ruth MacC said...

Great costume! Looks like fun. Last year we went to a park and there was celebrations going on there on the 4th! Couldn't believe it!