Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Saturday

Recently when I told someone how long I had worked in the yard, she said, "How in the world could it take you that long? Your yard is so small." So, I am explaining how the yard thing works. We bought our home in 1980. Several years later, we bought the apartments beside our house and Brian remodeled one apartment for his insurance office. It has been very convenient because he walked out the door only a matter of yards to work every day. You can see how close it was in this picture taken in the back yard of the apartments. The back door of the house is just inside the porch. The door to his office is the one you see at the end of the brick walk.

This picture is taken from the other end of the apartments.

In between is a lot of yard that I keep. I have enjoyed it most of the time.

Here is the largest section of grass which I mow and edge.

I've posted pictures of the yard in the Picasa Web Album. (Click on the figurine at the top of the right column.)

Just now, (Fri) Brian took a break from reading and we sat outside and enjoyed the cool of the evening. We watched many of the humming birds and moths flying from flower to flower getting their nourishment. Have you ever read how remarkable God created the hummingbird? Since I live with an encyclopedia on certain topics, he recited to me how the little bird works. I was able to get one good picture of something out of many tries. They are so fast and I needed to set my camera differently to catch him. I am not really sure what this one is but probably a moth. It was amongst the hummingbirds and I was trying to get a picture of them. But this fella' moved fast like a hummingbird.

And here is a picture of my back yard behind my house. There is no grass. There is still work involved but if this was all I took care of, her question would make sense. The tin roof used to be where we kept Bree's rabbits. We removed all the cages and added the wooden floor and a fan. The large "box" inside is Brian's recreation of the Ark of the Covenant to be used at Church. And you can see Millie resting in the ground cover on the right side.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday. I hope God blesses you through His Word as you open it. I hope your heart opens to someone who needs to hear how He has showered His love on you and wants to bless them also. I am still reading Concentric Circles of Concern and expect practice of these concepts to revive and bless my spirit of evangelism.


mythoughtsmyvoice said...

Oh I don't think it's small at all. I mean I'm no gardener but even just thinking of it, I know there's lots to think and of work to do. Also, I'd like to think that while working in the yard it's not just work and work. It is a labor of love especially when you need to plant new things.

And my, that's a huge loan you have. Do you enjoy mowing the front yard? you get to see your flowers, feel the warmth of the sun and seeing you neighbors/friends? :-)What a lovely thought.

Ruth MacC said...

Your garden is huge! Well, compared to mine it is, and it looks like it takes a lot of work tio keep it so nice.

Now I know what that structure is! For rabbits to keep them in the shade.