Friday, June 19, 2009

Donna's Birthday

"A Friend loveth at all times, and a brother (sister) is born for adversity."
If you have friends like these I've been blessed with, you can amen this verse from Proverbs 17:17. We each have a child the same age. These 5 children were in the nursery together at FBC, grade school, high school, and college at Texas A&M. They are still very good friends today. And so are their moms.
We've been through so much hand in hand. Everything from split ends to a split church. And lots of wonderful events in between. We know what to appreciate and what to over look in each other.
We enjoyed breakfast and lots of visiting in celebration of Donna's ??th birthday, which was on Flag Day but was celebrated yesterday at Professional Pampering. Phyllis worked with Donna's muscles and I got in on that, too. We laughed. We talked about these children. We talked about politics, our husbands, our churches, our aches, our plans, and the present situations we need covered in prayer. And we are comforted to think that we will be together in Eternity talking and laughing and serving our Saviour.
Here are a few pictures.


Ruth MacC said...

You are so blessed. Nice photos. I love what you say about what to over look in one another. I have no Christian friends. I had one, a woman in our church family but we had a few conversdations where we talked too much about people and of course this is terrible. We both regret it very much but her way of sorting it is just not to meet up with me. I wish we would meet up, confess and pray for God to help us rather than just not be close any more. We still like each other very much and have lots in common...

mythoughtsmyvoice said...

Friends truly are treasures God has given us :-) I love reading stories about friends. It's a wonderful thing you have, to have your friends close by and have them all these years.The conversations you must have! :-) Where we used to live and still have my friends close by, my! We don't seem to ran out of words to say eventhough we get to see most of the time LoL I feel blessed too to have such friends. Though I am far from them, the memories we shared (good and bad) are things i will always treasure :-)