Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When I go to bed, I think of many things I want to see completed: several pieces of furniture need the old varnish removed and new stain, some pieces I purchased with the intention of painting roses on or learning faux techniques, weeds removed from flower beds, flowers transplanted to new locations, make new slip covers for outdoor chairs, one of our apartments needs to be updated for possibility of my parents living in and I'll help with some of that, and gathering and preparing items for a yard sale. These are just a few of the things that need my attention today. There are books I would like to read. I would like to work on one of the quilts I have started - or one of the samplers. I need to help my folks out with meals and I do spend time with them every day. My daughter moved out of one of our apartments and left her things here for the summer. She took care of most of it but I would like to rearrange some of the things she stored in her old bedroom.

When I get up, I pray, Lord use me today to do what you want done. Show me. I want to serve you. I know there are lots of elderly people in my town who would appreciate a visit. People I have known for years. I believe that it is my privilege to be a Godly wife to Mr Wonderful, so show me Lord how to do that this day.

While it is not possible to get all these projects completed today, I can make some progress on one of them. And I can "do whatever I do as unto the Lord." I just want my eyes open to act of kindness and ways I can serve others today. I know that I may not always have a great word of wisdom for the people I come into contact with. I may not have the answer they need for whatever is on their plate today. But I think I have the option to make them feel a certain way and for today, I believe that is what God wants me to be aware of in my relationships with family, friends, and anyone I come in contact with. My words and actions make people "feel" something. They can feel acceptance or they can feel like they are being judged. They can feel loved or they can feel like they are insignificant. They can feel like I appreciate them or like I believe they are incapable. I believe every thought or action between myself and the people I see today has an emotion attached to it and I am in control of the intention behind my words and actions.

So, I may not complete all the tasks and I may not get to enjoy the "crafty" projects I've planned, but I can let the Lord create in me a clean heart through His Word so that encouraging words and actions can bring life to those I am around. That is the most important project for the day - His work of creation in my heart.

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Ruth MacC said...

Good post. I have been thinking and praying tonight about some of this myself...