Monday, June 22, 2009

Peacock Family Theatre

Brian has been the Pastor at First Baptist Church, Peacock Texas since March of 2003. We feel honored and so blessed to be with these people. Like so many West Texas towns, there isn't much left at Peacock. Years ago, there were several churches, grocery stores, gas stations, dry good stores, a bank and school. Only a a few store fronts stand, reminding people of those days. The only Church building left is ours. It is constructed of rocks from the area, has the familiar steps up to the sanctuary, and a basement where we have Sunday School rooms and a fellowship hall. And the people are generous, friendly, and love God's Word. After worship services, most linger outside, sitting on the steps or leaning on the half walls, visiting, in no hurry to part.

There aren't many people living in "Peacock proper." But there are a few families we wish we could interest in coming to our services. We have been visiting and praying they will have a desire to be a part of our fellowship. Last night, we had our first Peacock Family Theatre. We had a good turn out, though these unchurched folks didn't come this time. We watched Evan Almighty which has a good overall message of family priorities. If you haven't seen it, you might enjoy renting it. God tells Evan Baxter to build an ark. He obeys this seemingly ridiculous instruction. God made the statement to Evan, "What I do, I do because I love you." I don't know if the writer or producer realized how much truth is in the movie. It isn't a perfect sermon, but it was very good for our first Peacock Family Theater.

We enjoyed hot dogs and desserts before the movie and I forgot to take pictures. Here are a couple I took as people began coming upstairs for the movie. I hope you worshiped this weekend and enjoyed the fellowship in God's Spirit with fellow believers. We need each other so and won't these relationships become more vital in the days ahead?

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wilma said...

I don't suppose I have ever been to Peacock but I sure like the looks of your little church. I do wonder sometimes why people who say they are Christian don't seem to need to be with the rest of the Body. I would love to come to the Theater some day.

How was the wedding?