Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Blue

The other night during a lull in the heavy rain, Brian ran across the yard to turn a pump off. On the way back, he saw a little parakeet sitting on one of our metal chairs. At the same time, Millie the cat, saw the little fellow. Brian scooped Millie up and brought her to the utility room. Then Brian went out and caught the wet bird. He brought it to me and we wrapped it in a cloth while he drove out to Kim's to fetch an old bird cage. We cleaned it up and put the pretty, white parakeet in the cage. There is only one house in the neighborhood with children and they say it wasn't their pet. So, he is now ours. I am trying to tame him enough to sit on my finger and eventually get out of the cage but he is pretty wild right now. It isn't easy to take a picture because he will not be still but here he is. Brian named him Baby but since every time he walks through the kitchen and says "Hi Baby," I answer him as usual, I changed it to Baby Blue. He was nearly all white with just a little blue on his belly and a smidge of black on his wings. He is growing more blue feathers and I suppose he will be mostly blue.


mythoughtsmyvoice said...

When I heard there was a kitty also nearby - how scary was that! Funny also about the "hi baby" :-)Isn't he a cutie? I wonder where he had been (ooppsss is it a "he"?)


FancyHorse said...

Pretty little bird, good that you and your hubby rescued him - from the rain and from the cat!

Maybe the one who lost him will post signs, or a classified ad. Or, maybe he is meant to be yours!

wilma said...

You are so sweet. And "Baby Blue" is one lucky bird not to mention he?? is really pretty.

Looking forward to next Monday.