Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

We had a wonderful time during Thanksgiving weekend. Casey and Bree arrived on Wed evening and it was so goooood for them to be home. We missed Ryan who had a birthday during these holidays. We called and heard about his holiday and all that has been going on with him but wish he had been home. On Thanksgiving Day, Kim's family and my folks came over for lunch. WE all cooked too much and consumed too much. Brian's nephew and wife came from Dallas to visit that evening after her family get together in Abilene. They married in '07 and he has been in Iraq for a year so we were all so thankful to have them with us.
After lunch, some had naps and some watched football. Cash persuaded the "guys" yo play Legos with him.
How blessed we are. No one in the history of the world has as much to be grateful for as we. Just think how few have been in the position we find ourselves today. Most of the people who have lived would never have conceived of the conveniences or freedoms we enjoy. God has been so good to us. And we should be preserving these blessings for our children and grandchildren. Lord, open our eyes to the dangers and to the responsibilities and grant that we receive wisdom and courage for action from You.
Here are a few pictures from the album at the Picasa site.


wilma said...

Enjoyed your update. It is fun to be with family but we always miss the ones who are absent. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

FancyHorse said...

Your Thanksgiving pictures look warm and cozy, and I really like the prayer. Something to think about - we are blessed indeed!