Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010

I am enjoying life but seldom sit down to blog. I doubt that anyone visits here and I doubt that my future will include much time "recording" thoughts or activities on this computer screen.
The essentials do not change. They aren't new and there are lots of very capable people communicating them to whoever will listen. Blogging is one means of expressing the essentials. I hope people searching through blogs will discover those with information that is more than interesting or entertaining because there are those that share what is vital to life.
Unbelievable, tomorrow is the first day of November. I may have Christmas decorations on the shelves and in the windows in just a couple of weeks. I find it much more enjoyable to get them out of the boxes and arrange them slowly, over a couple of weeks, rather than frantically unwrapping and depositing them on a weekend. I savor the memories of past moments each one stirs as I pull the tissue paper away and spy an object that has been a silent observer of our Christmas celebrations over the past twenty to thirty years. Or perhaps the treasure I found just last January when the 75% Off Sale tempted me and I succumbed. The holiday can be so busy and demanding that our energy is pulled from us against our will as we try to keep up. I don't want Christmas to be like that. I plan to enjoy.
We went to our first costume party last week and I have posted a few pictures. I hope you can tell what I was...
A special treat , my mother's brother, wife and part of the family came for a visit last week also. We visited Friday night and Saturday at our house. We had a great time. Pictures of these days are also posted. When I was growing up, my folks took my sister and me to visit Uncle Leo, Aunt Fran, Linda, Dianna, and Michelle several times a year. These are wonderful memories. There are miles between us now and we don't see each other often. We should change that! I read recently that we are made to live inside, not alongside each other's stories. I think this is surely true for families.
I hope you have a blessed November and December. I hope what I call the essentials are obvious to you. I hope you are warmly acquainted.
Our recent activities are posted at the Picas Web site - just click on that icon.


Ruth MacC said...

Hi Jennifer,
I am glad to see that everything seems obe going well with you. I haven't been keeping up with my blog either, not since he beginning of summer. I may be moving soon and on top of that Sean is going to school n January which is a huge thing for me! Well, that's mostly my news. May God continue to bless you and your family. Will see you some day!

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