Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"BLOGS" I Know

I enjoy hearing a mom describe her day with her toddler or see pictures a Memaw has posted. I like to learn how a book or a particular study has made a difference in someone's life. I like to hear other points of view. I particularly enjoy reading the words of a gifted writer who shares my point of view. I don't have that talent. I have no toddler nor any other situation in my life that anyone could possibly consider exciting. Never the less, I think I'll "Blog".
I grew up two miles south of Munday, Texas. I was (am) blessed with loving, giving parents. I married just a few days after high school graduation and I really do have the best husband ever. Five years later, we had our first son who is 29. Our daughter is 27 and youngest son 23. My husband has been an insurance agent in Haskell over 31 years. We have been richly blessed with family and friends. My parents and my sister and her family also live here.
Though my daughter is here presently, my children left Haskell after HHS graduation. Brian is retiring next year and we persuaded Bree to return to Haskell and try insurance, thinking she might want to take her dad's place. She has decided to become a physical therapist. She and Casey, who works for State Farm in the metroplex, are Aggies and Ryan is a Coast Guard officer after graduating with a civil engineering degree from the Coast Guard Academy.
God has been so good to me. My parents, my husband, my children, my friends... And I have lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins with whom to share life. I consider one of my most precious blessings the fact that all my life, I have been in places where God's Word was taught.
Brian has been the pastor of the church (FBC) in Peacock, 45 miles west of us for 5 plus years and after retiring, he hopes to finish his masters in theology and be in full time ministry. I am excited to see what He has for us.

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wilma said...

Jennifer...I found your blog (the link from your other blog didn't work)by looking at "about you". I liked the pictures but can't read the post very well...I have to really work to read it because of the white background I guess. Keep playing and you will get it like you like it.