Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28, 1955

This nurse appears less than impressed with the beauty of the new baby at Haskell Memorial Hospital 53 years ago today.
I am having a wonderful 53rd birthday. I slept late. Brian fixed my breakfast and though the eggs were solid, rubbery disks, I appreciated the thought. We went to Lion’s Club for lunch and everyone was chatty. We even played the “I Never…” game. Bree suggested that next week we try the “Chuck, Date, or Marry” game. I doubt that idea will fly. (When it is your turn, you name three people to another participant who then tells the group which of those three he/she would chuck, which he’d date, and which he’d marry.)

Brian asked me what I’d like to do this afternoon/evening. I decided I’d like to help him work on our Christmas Parade float, which will be a “vintage” white church building with stained glass windows built onto a trailer. There are only a few available work days between now and the first weekend of December and today is beautiful for outside work.

I can't remember how I felt when the nurse appeared so disgusted with my looks. It may have affected me greatly.

(I removed political comments ONLY because this is linked to our Church's blog. I don't bring up the topic of politics but don't object to that discussion. I wish there were more opportunities to discuss the issues.)