Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls' Day Out

We all have sets and subsets of friends; friends from work, friends from high school, college, or church. Well, these two friends with whom I had a Girls' Day Out would fit into the following subsets. Friends with whom I've: raised a daughter, (Our daughters were together from church nursery through A&M and are still best friends.) jumped on a trampoline, gone on mission trip, sang in choir, celebrated, cried, prayed, pranked, and we hope to have lots of subsets still to come.
Sammie was our Sunday School teacher and pastor's wife several years ago. We had not seen her in a couple of years so we climbed into Donna's Tahoe and took off on 380. We visited in Sammie's home for a while and then headed to the shops. We giggled and wiggled and chattered like school girls.

Though we saw at least 6 deer, 4 skunks, 3 coyotes, 2 small pigs, and lots of roadkill, we avoided contact with any.

It was a great day. You can see some pictures of the day below.


wilma said...

What fun. Friends are wonderful, especially for us girls. Looks like you are getting this "blogging" down. You have some neat touches..Thanks for sharing.

MCE said...

Jennifer--Thanks for the comment on my Facebook. I followed the link on your Facebook page to your blog. I've enjoyed browsing this morning (since I have to be at work but there's really nothing to do!). It looks like your family is doing well. These pictures from your girls' day out look like they were taken not far from where I live. Were y'all at the Hulen Mall in Fort Worth?