Tuesday, November 11, 2008

(Lucky) November 7, 2008 (My Day)

(I sometimes read descriptions of how folks spent a day on their blogs. Because I had an eventful day last Friday, I have written about it. The first three paragraphs are below. To continue, you must click on the little picture of Brian in the left column. After you have read it, if you'd like to see a short movie recounting the highlights (as I recall them) click on the little picture of Elliott, our dog. Only one picture in the video was real time. The others were taken when we returned to the scene. For the people involved, I've drawn them as I remember them. I added a song, "Lucky" by Jason Mraz but I don't believe in luck. I like the song and in an unscriptural way, it applies.)

I was awake early, for me. I spent some time in Psalms. I've come to depend on the way those words work.

I had a follow up appointment with a rheumatologist in Lubbock to get results of x-rays and blood work. I enjoyed the early morning drive, taking note of some impressive road kill between home and Peacock. I hoped to get pictures on the return trip. (A project I am working on) I arrived punctually at the doctor's office. I wondered if he would tell me to come back in 10 years because I am only 53 but he found the reasons I hurt: osteo arthritis in my hands, feet, and hips. degenerative disc disease, with one disc greatly diminished causing pain, and poor bone density. Conclusion: 5 prescriptions, three that I may fill but probably use little. The fourth is exercise (weight lifting) and the fifth, sufficient sleep. I can work on the last two. I already take calcium and Vitamin D, very important. I'm glad I went and need to take better care.

After the appointment, I had lunch at Jason's Deli, stopped by Wal-Mart for a few necessities, and enjoyed looking at books and pretty things at Mardel's. Getting some paint for Brian's Christmas Parade float was my next stop. This is when the mood of the day changed...

(click on Brian's little face)


Linda said...

Oh, Jennifer, that's hysterical. I loved the part of the sandwich sign guy and then what your dad said. That is just too funny, though I'm sure hitting the pole was not at all funny at the time.

wilma said...

This would be funny if it weren't so scarry...but then I had to laugh. You have a great sense of humor and I can't believe you were taking pictures of the commode of all things. hahahahahah I haven't been to your site in a few days... You are doing so good. I just do the minimum. I can't find time to play with it.