Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Parade '08

About 25 years ago, Haskell began having a nighttime Christmas parade under the leadership of Wanda Dulaney, Chamber Director. At the time, it was the only nighttime parade in Texas. It was quite an event. Businesses spent significant $ and LOTS of hours building floats. The parade continues but not as grandly. It is kind of sad but the short duration of the parade must not warrant the effort for some folks. I love parades. I love to watch them and to participate. Brian spent several afternoons building a small church building. He and Bree painted 12 small stained glass windows with glass paints. The theme for the '08 parade was announced as "Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child" so we needed to add this aspect. I began to sew costumes. Leading our entry were two boys holding a sign announcing the theme of the parade. And above our pickup cab was written the name of our entry, "A Part in the Christmas Play." The pickup pulled the church building with light shining through the pretty windows. Our accompaniment was a cd of carols played by hand bells. Following the church building were 15 costumed children in 5 ranks. First was the angel. Next was Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus, then the choir, next the shepherds, and last the wise men. We had beautiful weather and a nice crowd. The kids enjoyed marching. I hope I have rid our house of the millions of threads from all the robes and head pieces.


wilma said...

so cute...and looks like soo much work. You DID GOOD. Looks like the kids loved it.

mlynn said...

Thanks for your comment! I have enjoyed exploring your blog! I had a wonderful time in Europe and can't wait to take Mom and Dad someday soon. I saw this house float today infront of your house when we drove through Haskell for lunch at Rod's. Have a great Christmas!