Thursday, May 28, 2009

35th Wedding Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

Today we celebrate 35 years of marriage. I love Brian more every day and that is the truth. As the days and the years pass, his commitment to the Lord and to me is more evident. Whatever I am doing, working in the yard, buying groceries, cleaning house, he is in the back of my mind. I am always looking forward to "reuniting" with him. I do not show him the way I feel like I should.

He sent me 12 beautiful red roses. I made him a card. He sings at a funeral early this afternoon so he doesn't eat lunch. We will have a nice meal tonight. We will watch a rental movie. It will be a fun evening.

If you are my age, you have realized that life is short, very short. We attended the funeral of a dear friend, Dewey, yesterday (where Brian sang also). We met him when he was about the age we are now. He lived his life helping other people. One after the other, folks stood up and told how he had bought them new tires when theirs were worn out, how he had sent them a check in the mail right when they needed it, etc. One told that years ago when he was a just a neighbor kid on the farm, he had watched Dewey plowing one day during hard times, when money was hard to come by. The next day or two, Dewey gave this boy a $20 bill and told him that he wanted him to buy a Bible with it. This man still carries that Bible.

Our THIRTY FIFTH anniversary plus the words at this funeral cause me to recommit myself to looking for ways to help other people in the days I have left on this earth. I am way too self centered, unlike Dewey.

I hope you are having a wonderful day.


PS My cousin, Alexia, sang I Know Who Holds Tomorrow at our wedding.


wilma said...

Congratulations on 35 years...God is good.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Happy Anniversary!

(I have been away from blogging for a bit, but I popped on and saw this. I'm so glad I stopped by to wish you the best!)

XO ~~ Debbie

FancyHorse said...

Happy Anniversary!

What a wonderful tribute to your friend. He sounds like a wonderful man. My condolenses to his family.

Ruth MacC said...

Happy anniversary! I love the way you called your husband 'mr wonderful' on another post:0)