Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Day 2010

It has been a wonderful day to celebrate. Gathering with our church family in Peacock to worship and study God's Word is a blessing every Sunday. The addition of roses, candy, and pretty verses made the day more special. We have been married for nearly thirty seven years and I think I've had a Valentine for Brian every February 14th including one homemade one. I stand in the aisle, reading all the Valentines, trying to find one that expresses what I want Brian to know. I've found a couple that were very nice but never "just right". I try to add words that tell him how much I love and appreciate him but never feel like they are sufficient. I usually bake a heart shaped cake with red hots on top and I worked this afternoon on two Italian cream heart shaped cakes, one for my folks and one for Brian. I also ordered something a little different, M&Ms with our picture on them. (They are too expensive to eat though.)
How blessed we are to have found each other when we were so young and to have learned together what is and what isn't love. I am more thankful than I can express for my husband and the life God gives us.
Here are my roses
Here is Brian with the cake.
And here are some of the M&Ms.

Hope you've enjoyed the day of worship and Valentines.


Ruth MacC said...

Oh Jennifer, I had to laugh at the m&m's!!! I didn't know you could get that done. The flowers are beautiful. I am glad you have a good husband and I hope you will have him by your side for many more years to come.

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi there Jennifer, This will be my second time to make a comment, for some odd reason it didn't go through. Like I was saying I'm glad you took the time to stop by to say hello. I just started blogging again, and will see for how long. I want it to be fun and not work.

OK, what's the deal did you put your husband to it to match your beautiful flowers? That is so cute!!

Blessings & hugs-

Seán MacC said...

Hi Jennifer, I am glad you enjoyed Valentines Day. We had a party because it was dad's birthday. Mum got one rose! I like your m&m's