Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Date

Three very good friend couples and Brian and I have been having a Valentine date for around ten years. We have served each other in our homes, which we decorated to enhance a romantic atmosphere. One year, Wayne and Yuve had a cellist perform while we had dinner. More recently we have gone to a restaurant. This year, we had a wonderful meal at the Beehive in Abilene. Prime rib, swordfish, chopped sirloin, shrimp- all delicious. We couldn't find a night available to all of us till March 9th but it was still Valentine-ey. We each have a child 28 years old and they were raised together from the nursery through Texas A&M. They remain close friends as do their parents. We hope for many more such dinners and plan to have another one as soon as we all have an open night just for fun, no special day. Here is a picture of the group.

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Ruth MacC said...

I think that is wonderful! What a story. How often do friends stay in contact like that? And you all have kids the same age... It's so important to meet up. Not everybody appreciates that.
I am at the stage in my life where everybody seems to be so busy and have little time for one another. It's a pity.

I am so glad for you and your friends. Keep it up.