Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fresh Commitment

If you have know me very long, you've seen me on a diet. But not in the past few years. I think I did start a diet a couple of years ago but its life was very, very short. Recently, Brian and I both committed to losing weight and exercising. We enjoyed a few days of walking at the park while the weather was nice and then just a couple of days on the treadmill inside before each of us had the sore throat and cough. We've lost only a few pounds each and we can't exercise yet due to congestion but we are excited about getting healthier. I am posting here just to give me more reasons to refrain if tempted with unhealthful food but don't plan to post boring updates until we have reached our goals. It is a beautiful day and a good, sweaty walk would feel so good. I pray we will soon be snot free enough to get out in our tennis shoes and shorts. We each want to lost at least 25 pounds. And, everyone remember to join the rest of the country in turning the hand of the clock forward this weekend.


Ruth MacC said...

Jennifer, good luck to both of you in you plans to loose weight and get fitter. I found it tough this time around. The weather this winter has been unusually cold and not good for walking.
Tennis shoes and shirts!!!
I wish!!!!
The sun is shining here in Ireland but it's cold....!

FancyHorse said...

Worthy goals! Good luck to both of you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer,

Isn't blogging helpful? Posting it like in your journal somehow makes you feel much more motivated to accomplish it :-)

Good luck to you both i your journey of healthy lifestyle! But do feel better first! :-)


Sit-N-Chat said...

It is going pretty well but it will be better as the weather lets us outside. Thank you all for your well wishes.