Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friendly Fella'

This little guy showed up in my neighbors' yard yesterday so I snapped his picture. Roadrunners are prolific in the country but not so common in town. He ran around in her yard a while before traveling on. I hope he found his way back to the pasture.
Hope you are having a nice day in this warm weather.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Wow! He's cute.

We're enjoying fog, rain, and the occasional hailstorm. Perfect day for sipping tea and reading. I'll take it! : D

FancyHorse said...

Great picture! They run so fast, I never even saw one on our trip out west a few years ago (except in captivity). Hubby saw one or two on the road.

g said...

Hello, fella!! I can never capture birds with my camera - you got some great shots!

Ruth MacC said...

That's the first photo of a road runner I ever saw. I wasn't even sure they were real, just a cartoon figure:-)

char72 said...

We have roadrunners in our area. I always love to see them but have never captured one on - I started to say film - What would you call it? Digital?