Saturday, January 10, 2009


I don't remember discovering blogs. My Munday friend, Wilma, may have sent me a link to hers. I don't even know anyone in Haskell who blogs. Maybe blogging is attractive only to particular personalities. One friend said she can't imagine sitting at the computer longer than she has to. I am not a sitter either but time can get away from me when I am reading the experiences posted on blogs. You know how you can talk to a complete stranger and realize immediately that you have the same Father? That is what I have experienced visiting blogs. People who have been doing this a while have listed links to the blogs they follow and anyone can click through these links, reading as much or little as you wish. I have "met" some wonderful people, read some amazing testimonies. Most of the time, when I pull up a believer's blog the first time, I realize right away this is my sister in Christ. The words on the screen bless. It may be a simple description of someone's thoughts as she cleaned house. Or she may share how God is sustaining through one of life's hurts. She may recite how God used a scripture in her life that day. Or pictures: yards (where people get rain), families celebrating , new babies, church services, homes. I like blogging.
As I expressed in previous post, I want to be transparent. God has reminded me of that statement several times and given me opportunities to be "clean all the way through" - or not. I want to use the computer screen with that intention.
I hope that in 2009, you are being drawn to more Bible study and time with Him, being compelled to live in the light of His love. I love you.

Here is a link - a testimony that would bless you. OR click on this link in the right column.


Ruth MacC said...

You think so like me. I blog, well because I like to but mostly to have contact with other Christian women. Thank you for leaving a message on my testimony blog. It encourages me:-)

Alos thanks for the links.

I in bed now with my 19 yo son who was up almost all night vomiting and we are missing the church service/sunday school.

I am a bit too tired o read my bible and sing and pray like i normally do if I have o miss the service so I am glad to have met you and I will put your link on my computer and visit you again.

Until then, may the Lord continue to bless you and your family.
Love from your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Make that my 10 year old son!!! I must be tired, my typing is all over the place!!!

Debbie in CA : ) said...


I finally found a few moments strung together in a row for a real read of your blog and I am ELATED to be greeted with such an honest and concise post about your thoughts and heart toward blogging. How like the Lord to tap hearts in a like fashion, as I felt compelled to blog about the very same thing today.

I agree with you that sisterhood spills out so easily across the blog. I have found so many kindred hearts and many more seeking just the satisfaction and peace I have found in the Lord. I pray daily that my blog bring glory and honor and attention to my Lord and Savior more than popularity to me.

At times I struggle with fitting this whole bloggy thing into my very busy life, but when I fall at His feet He always leads me in a path that melds it all beautifully. Even through my blog I learn obedience and deep blessing.

The wonderful connections I have found make me smile, and sometimes weep in prayer alongside a hurting one, while also opening my eyes and ears to new ideas and ways to share His love.

How blessed I am that you stepped across my threshold and invited me to come see you. I will be back again soon.

: D Debbie