Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Love" Print


I have to tell you about the framed print that hangs on the East end of the room below. I met Brian when I was a very young 16 years old. I was a part of the FBC youth group and the church organist and Brian came that summer as the youth and music minister. I didn't think much about him the first time I met him but by the third or fourth time I was around him, I knew that I loved him. I know what you think. I was just 16 and the whole thing could have just been puppy love, a crush. It could have ended just as easily as it has lasted these 37 years. I don't know about that. I do know I love him more as time goes by. I know I have never ever doubted for a second that our relationship has been blessed by God. I know I am where I am suppose to be.
We had begun dating by that fall and Brian wanted to give me a present when my 17th birthday came around. He went into a store and saw the print (I guess it's a poster) on the wall but couldn't find one in the bin. He asked the clerk who looked and told him that there weren't any more. I don't know if he removed it from the wall immediately or if he came back later. But, he did take the print, paid for it, and wrapped it for my birthday. I had it on the wall for a while in a different frame but eventually had a nice frame built for it. I like it very much. It reminds me of how young we were when we "began". We married just days after I graduated from high school.

Most things in this room have much more sentimental value that anything. My parents had the couch and chair in the 60's. They've been recovered but not lately. The closest round table/chairs is the one in the Blog header picture that was in my friend's Rhineland home. The table with the cloth was made by Brian's brother as a wedding gift. Years ago Brian built the tall chest with the punched tin doors which holds Christmas and other special dishes. The small trunk belonged to Brian's Dad and contains some very old letters that he and his family sent and received. The desk on the far wall is the first thing we bought as a couple, a desk from Ethan Allen, and my children sat at it when they were learning to print. It has lots of scars. The wooden sewing "bucket" behind the chair belonged to my Aunt Ret. She used it nearly every day. She created the most wonderful Christmas stocking for all of her family and some friends. I wish we knew how many. Her only son was one of the last people in the US to die of polio and she "mothered" the rest of us. Hers is one of the lovely faces that will be there to greet us... The other furniture was purchased at the "antique" stores. Some will have to be put elsewhere when we rearrange but not the "Love" print. It will be fun to pay bills, write letters, read books, and blog in the same room where my wonderfulest ever husband is preparing sermons and studying God's Word, preparing for whatever God has next for this aging couple of youngster.

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Ruth MacC said...

That's funny and sweet and lovely! I like the fact that most of what is in the room have such pleasant memories attached to them.

You asked about crackers? Well, the only ones I know are Christmas crackers where you pull them, they make a bang and a cheap gift and silly paper hat falls out on the floor! Are they the same as yours?

Prayer request...I have just come home from a meeting in a hotel coffee shop. My sister came to me this morning, this is very unusual. She has had a long tough relationship with a man for over 15 years. They should have broken up years ago. It's a very destructive but not violent relationship. Things are very bad at the moment and both of them are on the verge of either a breakdown or suicide.

It's a horrible circle of jealousy, pride, anger and just plain heartache. I got to give the Gospel very plainly to her today in my kitchen. One of the amazing things is that I had to meet up with her boyfriends best friend to see if we could help them because he might listen to his best friend...
Are you keeping up?

Anyway, his friend happens to be an ex of mine who I was with when I got saved. (God showed me that the relationship was totally wrong and so I broke with him. God then gave me a very godly man who is now my husband!)

I got permission from my husband to meet him and so that's why I winded up in the cafe.

My sister stayed in another part of the hotel while I had the talk. It went VERY well considering, and he agreed to try to help the couple. To cut a long story short, he phoned my sisters boyfriend and he joined us.

We three talked for a while. He is very bitter and upset and worn out over the whole thing. Anyway, we came to an agreement that in a couple of weeks, after he takes a small break away, the 4 of us will meet up and try to help them end the relationship with a little dignity and as little pain as possible.

It was such a strange day and totally blessed by God. I didn't even have to worry about my son because he is with friends today!

If this makes any sense to you, will you please pray for

my sister, Nicola,
her boyfriend PJ
My ex, Mickey
and of course my husband that there will be no cause for jealousy or worry.

Many thanks for your visit and putting your name on the list. It makes finding you so much more easy:-)

God bless,