Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Casey

Brian and I were married in 1974 and we were hoping for a baby by '76. I thought we'd be pregnant immediately but it didn't happen that way. After months and then years, I became very discouraged. I wasted some of our very limited dollars at the Dr.'s office every month, hoping I was pregnant. I broke several thermometers trying to take my temp when I first woke in the mornings. How I longed for a baby. I pleaded for God to send us a baby.
After examinations, a doctor told us the probability that we'd have children was slim. We began the process of adoption through Buckner Baptist Benevolences. We were attending a Sharing Group that was a result of God bringing people together at a Lay Witness Mission. God was truly at work in those evening get-togethers. One Bible teacher spoke directly to Brian and myself (He was visiting from another town and knew nothing about us.) saying that God was going to give us a baby. My spirit confirmed that this was a word from God but I had no problem continuing to pursue adoption. God could be sending us a baby through adoption. But Brian thought God was saying that we would give birth to a baby.
Our counselor from BBB told us we would have a baby before summer and we were making plans. We built a small house and a couple from the sharing group came by Brian's office with a house warming gift. I was not in the office and Brian didn't know where I was. I didn't know our friends were in the office or that they had brought a gift. I hadn't told Brian that I was making another trip to the doctor, just in case. And this time, the little slip from the lab had a different message.
I walked into Brian's office and handed him the slip from the lab that had "Positive" written in large letters from edge to edge, over all the other printing. He handed me the gift from our friends, a beautiful wooden plaque with scripture that said, "God is not a man that He should lie; neither the son of man that He should repent: hath He said, and shall He not do?" We were thrilled. So thankful.
The next day or so, I called our counselor at BBB. It was the end of May, time for the baby they had matched to us. When I identified myself, she began to tell me how sorry she was, that there had been a change and that they would be working toward a new "match" for us and that we shouldn't get discouraged, etc. She was blessed to hear how God had a different plan.
Our first son was born in January, about six weeks early, when I had the flue. He was a healthy baby, but so skinny. He lost weight before he began to gain. My first baby, I thought he was a husky hunk of a man child and didn't realize how different a baby born at term is till I had my second. He has blessed us all these years. He walks with the Lord and we couldn't love him more. Here are a few pictures and don't tell him I put his scrawny, naked body on the WWW.

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Ruth MacC said...

He looks like a big Irish lad!