Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Haskell felt temperatures in the teens and twenties today. School and many other activities were cancelled throughout the Big Country. I drove slowly to the grocery store and post office before lunch. Later I took my folks some soup and the sleet tapped loudly on my car.
I enjoyed most of the day in my home and spent too much time on the computer trying to familiarize myself with creating google pages. The problem is that this cozy atmosphere encourages the appetite to rare back and whinney. And mine has. I didn't cave in totally but I have not done as well as yesterday. We expect more freezing moisture tomorrow but I will be at work, away from the temptation.
I was blessed again as I read of Joseph this morning.
I am sure friends from colder areas have much prettier pictures of ice but here are a few of Haskell's ice sicles.

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