Monday, January 26, 2009

It Has Begun...

In an earlier post, I spoke of dieting. I began in earnest this morning. I was inspired by my friend Ruth at fittertrimmerruth to let my blog help me be accountable by posting exactly to the calorie what I have eaten each day. So, today I had an egg and cup of coffee for breakfast, half a baked potato with 2T of cheese, garden salad, and 1/2 C of red beans for lunch, and for dinner I had this salad with brisket I had cooking all day in the oven. Lunch was at Cornerstone with the ladies ministry. Very good.
Each day, I will post in the side column what I have consumed so I will shame myself into eating correctly. And each Friday, I will include the amount I have lost (hopefully). So, there ya' go.

If you are interested in a wonderful program designed to help you find freedom (in the Lord) from bad eating habits, take a look at "Setting Captives Free". It is great. I noticed there are also courses designed that address sexual purity, substance abuse, and gambling. Click HERE


Ruth MacC said...

Well, how are you doing? I am glad my blog made a little difference and I hope you do really well.

I am enjoying it myself and am glad of all the encouragement I got, and the new friends I have made:-)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Good for you! We all have to find our unique path to healthy and trim. I am a health food nut who enjoys REAL food. I don't have a weight issue, but I do follow a one-plate rule. One plateful and I'm done. I eat whatever I want (but the key is to serve only healthy whole choices).

I enjoy food and cooking and the whole dining experience. You'll be amazed how little food will satisfy you while seated at a lovely table lit by candles and ringed with those eager to share conversation (or even one special husband to gaze at and share with).

Oh another thing . . . I NEVER serve the food family style. Keep the table clear of temptation to second dip. Follow the restaurant style and fill you table with flowers and candles and pretty dishes instead of serving bowls.

I hope you have fun with the "diet." If you enjoy it you will live it and succeed.