Monday, January 26, 2009


I feel so terrible about the babies. ... the babies that will never have a chance at life because of the decisions made on their behalf. There are the decisions made by their parents who will suffer from heartache and guilt. And these two people formed their opinions and decisions as a result of the beliefs, decisions, or maybe just words of many other people. Considering that possibility makes me want to become involved again in the Awanas program at Cornerstone or be willing to put full effort into Vacation Bible School. I want to do whatever I can to thrust truth into the lives of children who will grow up and face these dilemmas.
In America, we choose our leaders fully aware of their intentions regarding these issues. But it makes me want to ask everyone I can if they know the devastating affect that the Freedom Of Choice Act will have on our country. I hear and don't understand these words, "But abortion is just one of the issues." Well, yes, there are many other areas where America is choosing "the way that seems right to man but ends in death." (But I don't think that is the point they are making.)
I believe that just like in the lives of the nations we read of in the Word that if our nation would get it right on these vital issues that scripture speaks to, then the rest would be taken care of by the one who is the beginning and the end, the one forgives and heals, the one to whom every knee will bow.
I love you.
Read a portion of a letter sent to me by Coral Ridge Ministries by clicking HERE.


wilma said...

I grieve with you and will try to add the counter on my remind me to pray. I see you made the link work. Good to talk to you last night.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I join you in grieving the loss. I am saddened to the core by America's abandonment of the most vulnerable in her quest for "freedom." Throughout history one can trace paths of other cultures going down this very road . . . it ends in the worst way. May God forgive America.

I kneel at your side and PRAY!