Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy birthday Bree

The birthing process began about 2:30 am January 17th, 1981 on a very cold night. The roads weren't as bad as the night Casey was born two Januarys earlier but it was so cold. We drove a small Chevrolet and I squatted, backwards, on the edge of the front seat, tightly gripping the head rest with much of me hanging off the seat, all the 55 miles to Abilene. Unlike Casey's birth, labor contractions started right away.
By the time we arrived, we had nearly bounced that baby into the world. I'd recommend that method to anyone. The Doctor didn't have time to prepare as she wished. The first check, she said that Bree was posterior, her head looking the opposite direction and she would need to turn. OHNOOHNOOHNO, this was exactly like Casey's birth. The Dr who delivered Casey said that he had seen many births and that in his judgement, none had been harder (more painful) that his. Casey would not turn and after hours of his poor head hitting my poor back bone, they finally did an episiotomy (surgical incision of the perineum to enlarge the vaginal opening for obstetrical purposes during the birth process) large enough for him to walk through. Well, that is how it felt. I stayed in the hospital an extra day and my nurses would bring nurses from other floors in to see the port of entry. It was somewhat embarrassing. When this Dr ( changed Drs hoping a different Dr would make it not hurt) said Bree was also turned backwards, I loudly "asked" Brian to pray that God would turn her right away and He did. She made her entrance into the world. She was a beautiful baby. She was so cool and calm. She has been lighting up our world ever since. Brian and I talk about how fun it was to go to school or anywhere to pick her up. She invariably ran to the car with a huge smile, always excited about the day. How thankful we are for our Bree.
She graduated summa cum laude from A&M and has decided to go back and become a physician's assistant or physical therapist so she is getting the sciences she lacked. Here are some pictures of her.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

What a delightful slide show!

Happy Birthday BREE!! : D

Tammy M. said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Many blessings.